Mazzola's research delves into the dynamics of Nature in the contemporary world, analyzing various possible realities of perception. In his exploration, technique and concept highlight a balance between chaos and order.

Every component is relevant, from the subjects themselves, for the most part the fruit of careful documentation drawn from the artist's travels, to his use of different materials. In his paintings, as in his installations, chaos and order are dominated, yet always allow freedom of movement and the expression of Nature.

During the creation of the painting, the initial image which is drawn actually disappears following a delicate procedure, to then reappear inverted. Not only is the image reborn in different guises thanks to this process, but also the materials used are left to react freely to the process.

The balance that forms between the various components is the result of a long process of experimentation to find the right compromise between control over the work and the freedom of Nature to react.

The resin forms almost a protective wrapping, like a film, though moving according to the natural movements of the paper, creating wave-like shapes on the surface of the work. We are thus induced to look beyond the limits imposed by the material. And where the resin disappears, the people depicted play and talk among themselves, creating an apparently illusory world, where in fact each single voice is almost real and the world, as we perceive it, is perhaps only the fruit of our own personal interpretation.